LC Real Estate Group is using Mindful Based Stress Reduction

Thursday, Jan 10, 2019


We all know what it feels like to be stressed. It can make you anxious, less focused, and unable to sleep. For any business, it’s obvious why it could be bad for productivity to have employees that are stressed because of work or personal issues. To add onto this, there are a number of real physical issues that can result from stress such as high blood pressure or chronic pain.

LC Home and LC Real Estate group are going through the Mindful-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) program in order to promote happier, healthier living for our employees! At its core, MBSR brings together mindfulness to promote healing or prevention of stress and overall wellbeing. This is done through mindful and intentional yoga, meditation, and greater awareness of one’s unity of mind and body.

More than 50% of adults report having high stress daily, and work-related issues can contribute a large portion of this stress. At LC Home and LC Real Estate Group, our mantra is to strive to make Northern Colorado a better place to work, live, and play – and we choose to invest in our employees as much as we invest back into the community itself. This is why we are going through the MBSR program as a company, in order to promote the wellbeing and mindfulness of our company as a whole!

To learn more about MBSR and the benefits of the program, please visit the website for Mindful Living Programs.

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